Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics

Tropical Cyclone warning Center (TCWC) Jakarta




For areas between EQ 90 BT, 10 LS 90 BT, 10 LS 120 BT, 11 LS 120 BT, 11 LS 128 BT, 9 LS 128 BT, 9 LS 141 BT, EQ 141 BT
Issued by the Tropical Cyclone Warning Center (TCWC), Jakarta
At 07:00 WIB Saturday, May 18th 2024


93W INVEST was observed in the Pacific Ocean north of Papua, precisely around 3.1oN 138.5oE with a maximum wind speed of 15 knots and a minimum air pressure of 1007.3 hPa. Invest move to East within 24-48 hours leaving the Jakarta TCWC AoM, then in the next 48-72 hours they will move again to the West – North West entering the Jakarta TCWC AoM.


The potential for tropical cyclone growth within TCWC Jakarta’s area of responsibility in the next few days is predicted as follows:
Sunday [tomorrow] : Low
Monday [tomorrow + 1] : Low
Tuesday [tomorrow + 2] : Low


Note: Chance of tropical cyclone is an estimate.
LOW: < 20% ; MODERATE: 20% – 50% ; HIGH: > 50%